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HD Fonts

As of 1.6, Minecraft allows fonts to be higher resolution than the default, but customization is still limited.

MCPatcher first looks for fonts in the assets/minecraft/mcpatcher/font folder. This allows you to have a custom font that works in vanilla and a higher resolution font that requires MCPatcher to display properly.

  • Default font: assets/minecraft/mcpatcher/font/ascii.png
  • Enchanting table font: assets/minecraft/mcpatcher/font/ascii_sga.png

Note: Unicode fonts are not supported.

To allow for more control over the widths of individual characters, MCPatcher offers a way to specify them manually. Create a properties file called

  • assets/minecraft/mcpatcher/font/
  • assets/minecraft/mcpatcher/font/

corresponding to the font you wish to customize.

Properties file format

Each line in this file specifies the width of a character:

width.<ascii value 0-255>=<width 0-8>

For example, to specify the widths of capital A, B, and C, you might use


Values can be floating point numbers (Vanilla only supports integer widths) and range from 0-8 regardless of the resolution of the font. You do not need to specify widths for all characters, only the ones where you want to override the default width.

The space character is special. Its default width is 1/2 of the average of the widths of A-Z, a-z, and 0-9, which makes the spacing between words match the overall width of the font. However you can override this the same way, by setting width.32 to a custom value.