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Imagine having the ability to know things before they happen. To able to see the effect before the cause. An ability of this nature could have a remarkable impact on your life – and it can also be a tremendous responsibility. A psychic with the gift of precognition is a special psychic indeed. She has been given the ability to know and understand events before they occur.

What Is It?

Precognition is different from premonition, in that a premonition is an emotional feeling of some future event. Someone with a premonition might say, “I have a feeling that something is about to happen.” But someone with precognition goes beyond an emotional feeling. Coming from the prefix “pre,” which means “before,” and “cognition,” which means “knowledge,” the psychic with precognition has advanced knowledge of future things or events.

The events may be small, or they may be large and significant. The burden of the precognition psychic is that she does not necessarily control the arrival of this knowledge. Rather, by keeping herself open to receiving information from the future, she is able to recognize events before they occur. How Can a Precognition Psychic Help You?

There are a number of ways that the psychic can help you deal with future events. By seeing into the future, the psychic can help you determine the path you might take in life. Additionally, she can help you understand your own precognitive visions.

Dreams. Have you ever had a dream that seems to tell you events that have not occurred? Or have you had recurring dreams about yourself that seem to come from the future? The precognition psychic can help you decipher the meanings in these dreams. It is possible that you are receiving these visions for an important reason. The psychic can help you determine what these reasons might be.

Future Sight. We all have questions about the future. It is human nature. So imagine having a trusted source who can envision the future. She may be able to tell you things about yourself that you have not even dreamed were possible. She may be able to steer you away from trouble – or toward something positive. Her knowledge of the future can help you in all avenues of life: love, family, personal relationships, and career advice. And although the psychic will not lay out every path your life will take, she can help you take the first steps in the right direction.

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