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Roy is a small functional language that compiles to JavaScript. It has a few main features:

  • Damas-Hindley-Milner type inference
  • Whitespace significant syntax
  • Compile-time meta-programming
  • Simple tagged unions
  • Pattern matching
  • Structural typing
  • Monad syntax
  • Not-horrible JS output


To compile:

make deps

To enter a REPL:


To compile and run a .roy file:

./roy -r examples/helloworld.roy

To compile a .roy file to .js:

./roy examples/helloworld.roy
cat examples/helloworld.js


Input (test.roy):

let addTwo n =
    n + 2

console.log (addTwo 40)

Output (test.js):

var addTwo = function(n) {
    return n + 2;

Calling addTwo "test" will result in a compile-time error (addTwo can only take a Number).

See the examples directory for more.




  • Roy website:
  • Roy Google Group:
  • Roy docs:
  • Roy Twitter:
  • Bitbucket repo:
  • GitHub repo:
  • Brian's blog:
  • altJS channel: irc://

Recent activity

Brian McKenna

Brian McKenna pushed 3 commits to puffnfresh/roy

495b2cc - Attribute each node with its own type, not the whole module's type
71ab2b8 - Fix bug where patterns would add assumption for 'undefined'
9d8e717 - Fix bug with sequencing 'do' and 'match' nodes
Brian McKenna

Brian McKenna pushed 7 commits to puffnfresh/roy

7a73a88 - Added explicit error handling for null and undefined types.
d6d3d41 - "npm test" now runs "grunt jison jasmine" instead of "grunt jasmine".
4413b8b - Infer type-class dictionary for direct function calls
fba9a42 - Remove unused 4th catamorphism argument on constraints
904f611 - Add current state of constraint based inference
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