Medical RAW viewer

  • An open source project of Medical RAW viewer with librawprocessor
  • This is a part of open source project FLTK 1.3.4-1(-ts)


  • mrawviewer_v078216_preview.jpg

Latest Update

  • Version
  • Supports loading 8bit gray scale ( not saves to 8bit ).
  • Supports byte swap ( for read big-endian ).
  • Some improves from graphical processing.

Previous updates

  • Fixed program not quits in normal way, it is maybe bug of FLTK.
  • Replaced fl_smimg to using fl_imgtk library.
  • Fixed an error, window components (Widgets) disabled when size change after image loaded.
  • Updated to use latest version of librawprocessor.
  • Updated to stability for drawing GUI on Windows system.
  • Fixed a bugf failure when open by drag drop file(s).
  • Now supporting Mac OS X application packaging.
  • Fixed all bugs on Linux and Mac OS X
  • Now supporting build on Mac OS X with console build (experimental)
  • Update sources to compatible with latest version of librawprocessor and libtinydicom.
  • Changed some reading sequence if source is DCM file.
  • Updated librawprocessor
  • Updated libtinydicom

Supported features

  • Read 8/12/14/16bit gray scaled raw (littel endian, big endian) images with options.
  • Read DCM file
  • Check pixel level matrix click on right mouse button.
  • Check real pixel distance with degree with shift+left mouse click.
  • Histogram view.
  • Threshold window range view by click left and right mouse button. left button = minimal, right button = maximum.
  • Exporting raw and png (8bit) image file.
  • Resize 10% to 500%.
  • Resize engine supports Bilinear, Bicubic, Lanczos3 filtering for exporting raw, png.

Will embody

  • Point to points, polygon region histogram view.
  • High Dynamic tone mapping with Drago, Reinhard.
  • And more.


License limits

  • MIT for libraries - librawprocessor, libtinydicom
  • GPL3 for this project.