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CPU monitor application for desktop with customized FLTK GUI.

RK3399 RaspberryPi3B+ Intel x86.64
Screenshot from 2019-03-26 09-44-15.png rpi3bp_rkcpumon.png Screenshot from 2019-03-29 14-44-04.png

My CPU monitor application designed for debian-aarch64 desktop as like 96board's Rock960a/b/c boards, or similar models even Excavator model that belong to debian-linux. And now it runs on x86 architecture too.


  • Tested on most versions of RK3399 aarch64 and armhf debian-linux.
  • Tested on Raspberry Pi 3B+ armhf debian-stretch-linux.
  • Tested on x86.64 intel-amd64 platform, LinuxMint18.x
  • You can refer to my web page to build aarch64 system images here.
  • Or download prebuild image for aarch64 for Rock960B board in here.

Simple installation

  • download right tar.gz in section of Downloads
  • extract tar.gz in temporary directory with any name.
  • move into temporary directory.
  • check 'make' installed or not, if don't have - install it : sudo make install make
  • check execution permission of
  • just do sudo make install.
  • done.


You need to clone some more sources to build rkcpumon completely.

  • clone FLTK-1.3.5-2-ts to your source code directory.
  • Build FLTK refer to this wiki, then install to system.
  • clone fl_imgtk in same level directory of rkcpumon.
  • Build fl_imgtk.
  • Build rkcpumon, then install to system with 'sudo make install'.

Why not formal fltk ?

  • My sources using some different theme scheme - "flat".
  • "flat" scheme only availed for my fltk clone.

Known bugs

  • Sometimes "double free" error occurs if CPU load too high.
  • It may belong to failure of surface draw flushing failure.
  • 'configure' not works in this time.