Hang/High CPU on session exit

Issue #6 resolved
Former user created an issue

Using xss-lock with i3 as found here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/I3#Screensaver_and_power_management

Upon i3 exit, the xss-lock process remains running and slowly climbs in CPU usage.

xss-lock is being started with 'exec' in the i3 config.

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  1. mar04

    I've never did X programming but I suspect xss-lock recieves SIGHUP when Xserver exits and instead of killing locker and exiting it tries to reset screen saver and busy loops somewhere. Why choosing SIGHUP to reset screensaver instead of SIGUSR1?

  2. Tim Williams

    Distros such as debian and NixOS are still shipping the broken 0.3.0 version without this fix. It's a shame as with this fix, it's a very useful tool. Please tag a new version. Many thanks.

  3. Scott Olson

    Yes, please tag a new version! I just noticed I was affected by this bug on Ubuntu 15.04 (with 0.3.0 from Debian, I assume) even though I can see here it was fixed in early 2014. This is the only flaw with an otherwise perfect program for me. Thanks for your work.

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