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Buying real estate depends on a number of factors, and the location is at the top of the list. Everyone has their own personal preferences regarding houses but the desire to have a house with a prime location is mutual.

Corner houses are also a choice of many due to various reasons. If you are planning for commercial properties for rent in Islamabad, then it is important to look into both the positive and negative aspects of corner houses.


  • *Design flexibility*

One of the advantages of the corner house is flexibility in house design. First, it lets you design your home according to the sun’s orientation. In addition, you can design a big car porch and a front and back lawn as well.

Plus, corner houses can be designed in many ways. It allows you to be more creative, homeowners can explore many design options. Designing the second-floor balcony is also not an issue. Corner houses can have a lavish look by having a terrace and windows overlooking either side of the house.

In fact, there are a few designs only possible to create in corner houses.

  • *Extra space on Side Street*

The urbanization of cities is increasing rapidly and as a result, the new houses being built are smaller in size. Houses with extra spaces are pretty expensive and not affordable for everyone. But, if you have a corner house, you enjoy extra space on the street.

This space can be utilized to enhance the aesthetics of the house by adding plants, flowers, and trees.

Thus, extra space for plants, parking, and landscape is a plus of corner house.

  • *Natural light and ventilation*

Living in a congested neighbourhood blocks natural light for many houses. This also affects natural ventilation, if the house is too small. Natural light and ventilation are very important because if there is no sunlight and ventilation, then strange and unpleasant smells will linger in the house also the house will develop dampness. 

The best solution to this is getting a corner house. My experience in evaluating houses confirmed that strong sunlight and ventilation do not let corner houses become damp.

  • *Unobstructed view of the street*

Corner houses offer a great view. No doubt! An unobstructed view of the street is only possible if you live in a corner house.

Now having all these perks of corner houses in the head, you can consider corner houses if you are looking for a house for rent in Islamabad. A corner house in Islamabad’s street is a great opportunity as the housing sectors offer a refreshing view with lots of trees and beautiful flowers. 


  • *Less Privacy and Security*

Corner houses have less privacy which leads to less security. Just like you can keep an eye on two streets at once, it enables others to see your home from both sides.

High traffic and pedestrian volume create a lot of disturbance. Inside of corner houses is also most visible to the neighbors and reduces privacy.

Due to high visibility, house for sale in Rawalpindi are often vulnerable to thieves and burglaries.

  • *High maintenance cost*

These houses have generally high cooling and heating costs. Maintaining gardens, a street green belt. In addition, with added opportunities for creative designs, corner houses are costly to renovate.

High maintenance and renovation cost discharge buyers to get a corner house.

  • *Noise issues*

Noisy areas are unattractive. If you live in a corner house, you will have to deal with the blaring car horns and other forms of noise pollution. Corner houses have side streets always busy with traffic that creates a lot of disturbance. Noise also affects sleep.

Though trees help in absorbing the noise.

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