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Welcome the Creedo project Wiki. Creedo is a Java server application for data mining researchers who want to showcase and test their ideas. The two main features of Creedo are:

  1. Creedo allows to define interactive data analytics dashboards, in which novel data mining algorithm can easily be embedded if they follow the framework of the realKD library. Users can access these dashboards through any of the standard web browsers. Hence, Creedo provides an effective way of defining demonstrators for new ideas.

  2. Furthermore, Creedo allows the design and execution of online user studies based on these analytics dashboards. The application automatically assigns tasks to study participants and evaluates analytics dashboards in terms of how well they support users in solving their task. This enables a low-cost extrinsic evaluation of novel data mining contributions with real users.

Creedo is an open source project published via this web site under the MIT License. If you want to

Most of the time, it is best to also get in touch with us directly in order to discuss your ideas.

We appreciate your interest.


The Creedo Core Contributors, Mario, Björn, and Bo