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=== Overview ===

Real Force Explorer is a user friendly and feature rich tool to explore the Salesforce schema. Support to explore other objects are being added.



=== Version 1.0.14 (Aug 23 2013) === [[|Linux GTK x86 32]] [[|Linux GTK x86 64]] [[|MacOs x86 64]] [[|Win x86 32]] * [[|Win x86 64]]

These binaries are compiled against Java 6 and jre is not included in the distribution. So please make sure you have Java 6 or Java 7 installed (See this for more info

=== Features === Here are main features of the Real Force Explorer.

  • Manage one or many Salesforce connections
  • Save the Salesforce Login credentials using a master password with which you can login to all Salesforce connections with one password
  • Explore all supported Schema objects including all Standard, Custom, History and Sharing objects in a response tree view
  • Filter the Explore tree to show only Standard, Custom or other objects
  • View Object details including, Fields, Parent/Child Relations and Record Types
  • View the Formula text and Picklist values of fields
  • Navigate to corresponding object from Fields screen (for lookup fields), or Parent Child screen
  • Open the Salesforce Home page using the created Session id
  • Search for objects which supports contains search so with few characters, you can find the object you looking for
  • Search for fields across all objects
  • Query all, most, all custom and selected fields of an Objects
  • Write/Execute Soql, Sosl, Apex and display the results
  • Browse the query results
  • Export the soql results in CSV/XML/Html to a file or clipboard
  • Saves every executed soql in Soql History for retrieval later
  • Save and Open the Soql files
  • Bind value replacement if soql contains bind variables (from Apex code)
  • View the results in Single row mode
  • Execute Anonymous Apex and view the debug logs
  • Browse and view the Server debug logs and their content
  • Debug Log can be viewed in raw, Grid or tree mode.
  • View Label, API or both Label/Api in the explorer
  • Query for deleted records (QueryAll) or skip deleted records using a toolbar button
  • Drag and drop fields from Explorer into soql editor
  • Proxy Support with Proxy Credentials


=== All Downloads ===

=== Issues or Feature Requests? === Create an [[|issue ]] or mail us at {{{}}} with some details about the issue or feature request. We will do our best to look into that.

===Version History=== ====1.0.14 (Aug 23 2013)==== * Bug Fix: Version 1.0.13 introduced an issue where it was failing internally to show the Master Password dialog screen, resulting in error. This release fixes it.

====1.0.13 (Aug 10 2013)==== * Enhancement: Proxy support has been enhanced to auto detect the proxy configuration and username/password to login to proxy server.

If you are not using a proxy to connect, then you don't need to download this update as there are no other changes.

====1.0.12 (Jul 18 2013)==== New Feature: Sosl editor and search New Feature: Record Lookup based on Id. Select or enter an Id and view the record with all attributes with search capability. Enhancement: Streamlined Keyboard shortcuts Enhancement: Org type selection in Connection dialog Enhancement: Tag and Metadata object type in Explorer view filtering Enhancement: selections of various kind are persisted across application launches Enhancement: Single Record Viewer has been updated to use new grid based control insetad of Fields. Fixed: Tool wasn't working if org had my domain enabled. This issue has been fixed. * Fixed: If tool hasn't bee used for a while, and user tries to do something (like retrieving object details, or soql query), it used to fail. It has been modified to reconnect automatically before performing the operation. So once you open the tool, you can perform operation without any issues anytime.

See for New and Noteworthy details.

====1.0.11 (Jun 19 2013)=== Feature: In the apex executor, Debug log is being redirected to Console with highlighting capability. Feature: Log also redirected to additional console with just user debug entries for easy view. Issue Fixed: [[|#15]] Issue Fixed: [[|#16]]

See note worthy feature description.

====1.0.10 (Jun 11 2013)=== * Fixed issues [[|#7]], [[|#9]], [[|#10]], [[|#13]], [[|#14]]