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Welcome to the FPV diversity controller project

This is the home of my little FPV diversity controller project. First and foremost I would like to thank Bruce Simpson on which' work a big part of what you are seeing here is base. Thank's Bruce for sharing your Knowledge with the community! Please give him a visit on YouTube or his website.

For detailed information about this project, build instructions and the design steps that I took during the development please read my blog at

FPV Diversity Controller features

The heart of the FPV Diversity Controller is an Atmel micro controller that reads signal strength from the connected FPV receivers. Depending on the signal strength the controller will use an electronic switch to always switch the output to the receiver with the strongest signal.

During testing and development I will use an Arduino Uno or Arduino Nano for prototyping. The finished project should then carry a lightweight Atmel ATtiny micro controller.

Why Arduino?

You might ask why I choose to use an Arduino for this project? Well besides been big and bulky the Arduino is great for prototyping. It's so easy to write a program, upload it and see it running.

The Arduino ecosystem is very simply and user friendly. So everybody can use it. Uploading a programm to an Arduino is nothing more than pushing a button with the provided Arduino IDE.

Why ATtiny?

But besides the ease of use during the development the Arduino has a second cool feature that comes handy for this project. You can use an Arduino to directly upload the same program to an ATtiny chip. There is no need for a programmer or for rewriting the code. You simply connect your Arduino with a few cables to the ATtiny chip. And with the push of a button in the Arduino IDE the program will be uploaded to the ATtiny chip instead of the Arduino. After that the ATtiny is capable of running on it's own. So no more need for the Arduino in the finished circuit.

Components and Parts

  • The heart will be an Atmel micro controller on which my diversity program will run.

  • Besides that there will be an 4066 electronic switch. The FPV receivers will be connected to this switch and my program (running in the micro controller) will constantly tell the switch which of the connected receivers to use.