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Issue #160 new

Stairs can be generated in inaccessible places

Vasiliy Kardanov
created an issue

Stairs can be generated inside or lead into walls, chasms, inaccessible rooms, magma lakes, etc. Note: it's for Y11, not Y10.

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Issue #171 was created and fixed, to add a confirmation dialog so that any tile type when you move to which it asks you if you want to confirm the move, it also does it for a downwards stair movement.

    This issue will be resolved when dungeon generation is altered to address the root problem of the bugs that cause the problem. Note that the fix for this issue should reconcile any desire to preserve this bug, but to choose to do it, and to offer alternate options to descend to unsafe options. Further thought required.

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