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Issue #171 resolved

Stairs down can lead to unsafe terrain

repo owner created an issue

There are complaints that going down a stair can lead to magma, chasm and so forth. And at worst can result in death. This is a dungeon generation bug.

However, there is talk of keeping this as a feature and at least in the interim, it makes sense that the player can see the stairs leads to unsafe terrain before descending (it's not like the stairs are an illusion and they're forced to step out onto the chasm). To this end, this issue should add a confirmation dialog to the process of descending to unsafe terrain (chasm, magma..).

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME reporter

    Fixes #171. Another issue relates to broken dungeon generation, which places stairs down to unsafe terrain. Fixing that would fix the dungeon generation. This fix relates to instead adding a confirmation dialog to the taking of stairs down to unsafe terrain, under the provisio you should be able to step down carefully and choose to step back up.

    → <<cset a73104357fd7>>

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