Capital letters not working (Shift+Letter)

Issue #34 resolved
Dieno Spuzic created an issue

Pressing Shift+m/a/r/o takes you to the Left Ring/Ready Hand/Bracers/Neck equipment slots instead of assigning Default Melee Weapon/Ammunition/Ranged Weapon/Off-hand Weapon.

Which means you can't use '-' to quickly switch between your assigned Default Melee Weapon and Default Ranged Weapon.

Likewise when picking out feats; pressing K (shift+k) has the game select the feat listed under k.

Pressing shift+arrow keys DOES however give the message "You must select a default projectile before using the ranged attack shortcut.".

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    This is likely because SDL2 doesn't IIRC do keyboard key resolution. It just provides modifiers and unmodified key, and it's up to the developer to take it from there.

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