Skill Typos

Issue #35 resolved
Tuyen Tran created an issue

Climb- Unimplemented uses: Climb structures: last sentence: without exceptional sensing abilities.

Diplomacy- Increased PCR: 2nd Paragraph: Personality Archetypes Issue Request: 3rd paragraph: you Personality Archetype Enlist Aid: personality archetypes

Find Weakness- Coup de Grace: 2nd paragraph: stuck and prone (needs clarification. Is it either one or are both statuses required for a CdG?)

Healing- Forestall petrification: herbal remedies

Knowledge Undead- Fighting Undead: thorough knowledge, aquatic (pretty sure this doesn't belong)

Mining- Mining (Active): 2nd paragraph: material they are digging through

Pick Pockets- Theft(Active): 2nd paragraph: the guardsmen will become hostile

Poison Use- Effects: a rogue or assassin

Seneschal- Claim keep: general lordly competence, manage it competently

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    I suspect that all these changes are in .irh files, which cannot be changed until the accent compiler is provided by Julian or an alternative system of irh processing is developed.

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