Monsters picking up cursed items uncurse them

Issue #38 resolved
Tuyen Tran created an issue

I think this was a bug/exploit from way back but dropping cursed items near neutral monsters allows them to pick up and equip/stow them erasing the cursed status as a result. I haven't tested it with buying or ordering the items back but I happened to have a game with a surplus of Amulets of Strangulation and monsters just love to fill empty slots... leading to new piles of uncursed loot without breaking alignment. (Should probably do something about that bug too).

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  1. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    So what are the steps?

    1. Get cursed item.
    2. Give to monster.
    3. Item becomes uncursed somehow.
    4. Item is dropped somehow?

    I appreciate the bug reports, but I need more detail from you, preferably in this type of list form of steps, in order to remove ambiguity.


  2. Tuyen Tran reporter
    1. Have any cursed item in inventory
    2. Drop near any neutral monster which can carry an inventory and wait for it to pick them up. (Hostile monsters don't usually break combat to pick up items. Haven't tried a Nystul's aura yet)
    3. Looking at the monster examination screen shows that the items are still cursed
    4. Upon death all the items dropped by the monster are now uncursed
    5. Profit?
  3. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Thanks for the itemised list of steps. I've tracked down the cause of the problem, but it's low-level generic code, so while the cause is obvious and easy fix, any side-effects need to be discounted before I correct it.

  4. RMTEW FULL NAME repo owner

    Fix bug where when monsters died, they dropped their inventory. But rather than clearing the flag on the item which marked the item as their property (and not something they could be ordered to give to the orderer), they cleared every other flag including as noted here the cursed flag. Closes #38

    → <<cset 4639b68d859d>>

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