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Amazon Echo Integration With Roomba

This is an Amazon Echo Skill created to communicate with Roomba using Alexa Skills Kit.


Sample Usage


  • Build and install Boomba app to your Android device.
  • Build/Buy a Roomba Bluetooth adapter.
  • Pair your phone with Roomba using the Bluetooth adapter and remember the device name.


  • You: Alexa, talk to roomba
  • Alexa: You have not registered yet, would you like to register?
  • You: Yes

At this point, the skill creates a registration for you based on the userId associated with Echo and creates a pairing code for your phone. This code is available in the Echo card

  • Alexa: Your device activation code is [some code]. Please enter the code in the companion app.

Open the Boomba app and enter the code in the first text box. While you are at it, enter the paired Bluetooth device name in the second text box. That's pretty much it.

  • You: Alexa, ask Roomba to start cleaning

Other utterances


  • Alexa, ask roomba to beep
  • Alexa, ask roomba where are you
  • Alexa, ask roomba to play a song


  • Alexa, ask roomba to start cleaning
  • Alexa, ask roomba to clean
  • Alexa, ask roomba to start cleaning my house
  • Alexa, ask roomba to clean my house


  • Alexa, ask roomba to dock
  • Alexa, ask roomba to go back to the dock
  • Alexa, ask roomba to dock itself
  • Alexa, ask roomba to stop
  • Alexa, ask roomba to stop cleaning
  • Alexa, ask roomba stop cleaning


  • Alexa, ask roomba to sleep
  • Alexa, ask roomba to go to sleep
  • Alexa, ask roomba to turn off
  • Alexa, ask roomba to power off


There are three components to get this all working:

Alexa Roomba Skill (Web service)

Boomba - Companion Android Application

  • Simple Android application requiring Bluetooth and Google Play Services
  • Registers a listener for messages from Alexa roomba skill.
  • Sends the phone's GCM registration id to Alexa roomba skill to pair with the Amazon Echo user id.
  • Communicates with Roomba over Bluetooth using Serial Control Interface(pdf)

Roomba Bluetooth Adapter

  • Buy RooTooth: 249.95 USD as of 27th July 2015
  • Build your own adapter: The article is old (~2006) but it's still correct. The roomba models have obviously upgraded and that specific model of Bluetooth modem isn't available on Sparkfun website. I used the BlueSMiRF Silver with same circuit diagram. Cost was around 60 USD including the components and other material.

Have fun!