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roseline / Tutorial 10 - Developer guide

Developer guide

Here is the basic instructions to start developing:

  1. Fork the repository to your own Bitbucket account - Go to and click the (...) icon underneath the icon in the top-left of the page. Then, click 'Fork'.
  2. Clone your the fork you have just made to your local desktop.
  3. Create a new branch on your local fork, and check it out.
  4. Make whatever changes you need.

To contribute your new changes back to the master roseline repo do the following:

  1. Sync your fork's master branch with the roseline repo. You can do this easily by visiting the bitbucket page of your repo. If your fork is behind the master repo, you will see a 'sync now' button in the top right. Click this button to pull the newest master changes into your fork.
  2. Pull these changes from your fork to your local desktop.
  3. Merge from master into your local branch and fix any conflicts.
  4. Initiate a pull request.

Some final notes:

  1. Please initiate one pull request for every contribution, as it makes things much easier to manage and track. A good pull request would have the theme 'Add kernel module to support the Decawave radio', while a bad one would have the theme 'Checking in all fixes from the last few months'.
  2. Don't start pull requests with build products or binary blobs, as they are near-impossible to remove from the repo once merged. If you have to distribute a zipfile, video or binary blob use the section on the bitbucket site.