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The client will be called SubSpace Continuum Client, or SSCC for short.
The server will be called SubSpace Continuum Server, or SSCS for short.
The biller will be called SubSpace Continuum Biller, or SSCB for short.
The directory will be called SubSpace Continuum Directory, or SSCD for short.

Parts of ASSS will be inevitably modified, and I would like to make an independent branch of ASSS and rename it to SSCS, so we don't have to worry about breaking things for the old users, and the renaming distinction is so the two will not be confused with each other, because typing it on a keyboard is way easier, and also so people will stop making butt jokes.
Yes, the names are a throwback to its predecessors.


Everything has been set up so that if any one person learns to write code for any one part of the game, they will at the same time be able to write code for any other part of the game. Additionally, any part of the game will be able to run on any computer and any operating system as a result of compiling into machine code, which means that no installation of any third party systems will be required to operate any part of the game.

To Do List

To Do List has been moved to a Trello issue tracker, a collaborative system.

Using This Bitbucket

Try not to mix commits. (Ex: "made cats furry, added bacon")
Attempt to limit yourself to 1 commit per day to avoid double dumbs. (Ex: "moved rocks","whopps typo lol")
Bitbucket folders will contain only source code files.
Build scripts, configuration files, and other things pertaining to directory structure belong on the wiki page.
Core source files used by multiple executables will remain the same across each executable, and will not be independently changed, and may possibly be placed in a /core folder or similar at a later date.
Eventually a distinction will need to be made between modules of different executables, and in that eventuality they will need to be named sscs-net.c, sscc-net.c, etc.
Distribution will be as follows: source code will be moved to different systems, will be built on different systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android on 32 or 64 bit platforms, then will be placed in a stock directory structure with generic configuration files, which will be placed in a zip file and uploaded to the downloads section of this bitbucket for distribution.

Programming guidelines

This project is in C.
As such, you shall abide by THE HOLY C PROGRAMMING COMMANDMENTS, under penalty of death.


Open Source Software. Not to be confused with Free Software.
This means it is open for anyone to view or edit, and it is a collaborative environment for software development, but I retain rights to distribute and decide what material will be accepted.
What this means to you: keep it here and nowhere else, do not create any derivatives, and yes, having wormholes orbit your terrier might be cool, but it's not gonna happen.