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airline_public / Changelog

Improvements since version 2013-02-20:

  • using the mouse wheel allows to zoom
  • when zoomed, pressing the middle mouse button allows to pan
  • new, explicit exit buttons (on mobile platforms)
  • pause game when the game window is minimized
  • jump over the logos by pressing a key/mousebutton/the touchscreen
  • improved image quality of the Runesoft logo
  • improved image quality by using the best available SDL scaler
  • multi language support
  • upgrade to SDL 2.0.4
  • squashed some bugs
  • keep aspect ratio by passing argument /keepaspectratio to the game

Improvements since version 2012-11-06:

  • pressing ALT+Return will switch between fullscreen and windowed mode
  • pressing CTRL+G will grab/ungrab the mouse
    • input grabbing is enabled by default and can be disabled by starting Airline Tycoon Deluxe with the /noinputgrab argument
  • English demo created
  • an EXPERIMENTAL, UNOFFICIAL and UNSUPPORTED build for the Raspberry Pi got released
  • revert back to a frequency of 22050 (fixes the sounds)
    • Fix another issue with music playback on newer SDL_mixer versions
  • if SDL could not be initialized, print an error statement and quit gracefully
  • disable XRandR usage in SDL - enabled it with the SDL_VIDEO_X11_XRANDR=1 environment variable
  • fixed crash if using the /load parameter

Improvements since initial release:

  • the binary is dynamically linked and all uncommon libraries are included
  • support for other sound drivers like ALSA and Pulseaudio in addition to OSS
  • play music files with a frequency of 44100 instead of 22050