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airline_public / Testing Android


This page should give you an idea about what should be done when testing a alpha/beta release.


  • Save game: Start a game and check if...
    • a working save game gets created at each evening
    • you can save a game manually
    • a save game gets created when you put the game in background mode (Android home button)
  • Join some rooms and interact with people. Make sure the controls are accurate. Important locations:
    • Travel agency (acquire some orders)
    • Personnel office (hire a few new employees)
    • Routes (buy and plan some)
    • Plane editor (Build one or two planes, buy and use them)
  • Complete at least one mission, make sure nothing wants to make you rage quit
  • Make sure the game-screen is not pink-colored
  • Set up a flight plan for at least one week. If you lose your sanity, please report back.
  • Is there no cut-off or squeaking speech?
  • Do a smoke test on each Android device you own. Starting just the first mission in the game is enough for this.
  • Display mode: Start the game in modes "Respect aspect ratio" and "Fill whole screen"; make sure the touchscreen is accurate in both modes.

Nice to have

  • Language: At the launcher, start the game in English, German and French
  • Can you spin the globe?