Unable to mount container with space in name

Issue #11 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

If I do I get:


The system cannot find the file specified.


This happens both with Background option checked and unchecked.

If I open true crypt normally, without keepass/keepastryecryp mount pluing, I can mount the container just fine.

It's not a big problem for me to rename the container, but It'd be a good idea to add this limitation to the wiki, to avoid the anger I felt about the time wasted when a simple note could have prevented it.

windows 7

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  1. teddles

    Yep, I had the same issue. As a workaround (design feature?), place the volume name, partition, or hard drive in double quotes

    For example, instead of entering:

    C:\Users\Ted\My Volumes\Daily Backups.dat


    "C:\Users\Ted\My Volumes\Daily Backups.dat"

    Worked for every volume I have.

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