Incorrect password or not a TrueCrypt Volume error

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I seem to get this error on some truecrypt entries in my KeePass DB.

"Incorrect password or not a TrueCrypt Volume."

I click OK to this prompt, and truecrypt brings up the another dialogue that asks for my password for the volume. If I copy and paste the PW from KeePass, it opens with no problems. This makes me think that there may be an issue with a character in my password, perhaps? Or, is there a length/character limit on this?

Not sure why this is happening, thanks.

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  1. Patrick Schaller repo owner

    Hello shackrock, maybe your truecrypt password contains some command line illegal characters such as '/' which indicates the beginning of an option. I try to fix this, by encapsulte the password within "-signs. Can you send me a set of characters do you use for your passwords to verify this behaviour (i.e. '$', '/', '|').

  2. shackrock reporter

    This comes directly from the KeePass PW generator. If you open that you'll see the "special" category - which I always try to remain checked. Unfortunately I'm not sure what all it includes because it contains a "..." - perhaps the KeePass documentation will note what is included in that though. Thanks!

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