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KeePassTrueCryptMount / API Reference

This page lists the used application programmable interface methods of this plugin.

Windows registry

On computers which is TrueCrypt installed there exists an registry value to locate the TrueCrypt executable


This plugin try to read this registry value to locate the executable (when you press the resolve button in the options dialog).

.NET File IO

  • File.Exists() for check the existence of the TrueCrypt executable.
  • DriveInfo.GetDrives() to resolve the already used drive letters.

.NET Diagnostics

  • Process.Start() to run the TrueCrypt executable.
  • ProcessStartInfo to prepare the command line arguments

KeePass API

  • PwEntry.Strings to store the mount options inside of the selected password entry.
  • PwEntry.Touch() to signalize the modification of the entry after pressing the apply button.
  • IPluginHost.CustomStrings to store the plugin options, i.e. path of the TrueCrypt executable.
  • IPluginHost.Database.Modified flag to signalize that an password entry was modified.
  • IPluginHost.MainWindow.UpdateUI() to refresh the UI state after modification an entry.
  • IPluginHost.MainWindow.ToolsMenu for the options menu item.
  • IPluginHost.MainWindow.EntryContextMenu for the mount menu item.