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Max Bit
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I am using 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT to create external components with Reconnection strategy of always after 10 seconds. If the XMPP sever restarts, then reconnect request does fire up from babbler client but the to attribute is 'dummy.com' instead of 'mycomponent.dummy.com'.

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  1. Christian Schudt repo owner

    This is because your server sets "dummy.com" in the from attribute of its response header instead of "mycomponent.dummy.com", what is expected. (it should match the 'to' attribute of the request).

    Reconnection is currently done on basis of the 'from' attribute.

  2. Max Bit reporter

    I am seeing concurrent.TimeoutException when component tries to connect the first time after startTLS is completed, client sends again jabber:component:accept request. Looks to be some issue with new change.

  3. Max Bit reporter

    I am able to successfully connect in older version of snapshot(Apr 9) and not seeing exception either in server or client.

    The exception occurs in the latest version of snapshot. Below is the exception and server logs when timeoutexception occurs.

    rocks.xmpp.core.XmppException: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException
        at rocks.xmpp.core.session.XmppSession.throwAsXmppExceptionIfNotNull(XmppSession.java:263)
    rocks.xmpp.core.XmppException: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException
        at rocks.xmpp.core.session.XmppSession.onConnectionFailed(XmppSession.java:420)
        at rocks.xmpp.extensions.component.accept.ExternalComponent.connect(ExternalComponent.java:153)
        at rocks.xmpp.core.session.XmppSession.connect(XmppSession.java:309)
    Exception in session jid: mycomponent.dummy.com : javax.net.ssl.SSLException: Received fatal alert: certificate_unknown
  4. Christian Schudt repo owner

    Ah ok, try this in the TcpConnectionConfiguration:

    .hostnameVerifier((s, sslSession) -> true)

    The certificate contains "dummy.com", but the client is expecting it to be "mycomponent.dummy.com", because default hostname verification uses the 'to' attribute of the request. It used to be the 'from' attribute of the response. In practice it should be the same, so it wouldn't matter, but your server behaves strange in this regard.

  5. Max Bit reporter

    Yes, connect works now.

    If the external component is started before server start, then it fails to connect and doesn't initiates the connection again.

    Is there a way to wait and connect if Server is down?

    On another note, I noticed that login fails when an xmpp client is created using snapshot but works using 0.7.5 version. I think it was working with snapshot (Apr 9) as well. Here is the exception. Do u need separate issue opened for this?

    rocks.xmpp.core.stream.StreamNegotiationException: Server doesn't support any of the requested SASL mechanisms: [SCRAM-SHA-1, DIGEST-MD5, GSSAPI, CRAM-MD5, PLAIN, ANONYMOUS].
    at rocks.xmpp.core.session.AuthenticationManager.startAuthentication(AuthenticationManager.java:114)
        at rocks.xmpp.core.session.XmppClient.login(XmppClient.java:383)
  6. Christian Schudt repo owner

    There's no way to wait for the server. It will throw an exception. You could build your own loop to check if the server is available.

    Thanks for pointing out the authentication failure. I've fixed it. It was introduced with a recent commit. I've deployed new snapshot.

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