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Twitter API Integration for Preside

This extension allows you to configure multiple Twitter accounts in your Preside application, and to interact with the Twitter API.


  • Custom rendering of timelines and individual tweets: tweets can be placed and formatted however desired
  • Speed of rendering: tweets are rendered as part of the page (and can be cached if desired), with no external requests to Twitter
  • Indexing: tweets can be indexed and searched both locally and by search engines
  • No tracking: because no 3rd-party widgets are being rendered by your page, no 3rd-party tracking is happening either


Because of the nature of Twitter statuses, which will very often include emojis, you MUST have your MySQL database set up to use the utf8mb4 character set.

(This is probably best practice these days anyway, especially if your application is going to be storing any user-supplied data.)

You should also be running Preside v10.11.0 or greater.