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Welcome to the Spring for Delphi wiki! Spring4D is a Delphi-based framework that contains a number of different modules including:


Spring4D was originally written by Baoquan Zuo and is now maintained by Stefan Glienke. This wiki is maintained by Nick Hodges. Pull requests, particularly for the wiki, are very welcome. :-)

This Wiki

This wiki is a git project hosted on GitHub. If you'd like to help, please feel free to submit a pull request. The project can be found at:

git clone

We'd love any help we can get for this wiki documentation. You can edit this project like a Git repository, or you can edit it right online as a traditional wiki. Either way, we are happy for your contributions.

Code Documentation

Code documentation for Spring4D is online at DevJet Software. This documentation is derived from the xmldoc comments in the code. It's also a demonstration of the excellent Documentation Insight tool from DevJet Software.

That documentation is documentation for the code itself. This wiki is designed to be more general documentation consisting of explanations, how-to's, tutorials, etc.


Using Spring4D with C++ -- This article describes how to use RAD Studio to write applications in Delphi and C++ combined and use Spring container to inject implementations written in either language.