Place the "Group by" tab at the top

Issue #108 resolved
Lübbe Onken created an issue

This is just a small usability enhancement.

All the actions in TestInsight take place near the top of the window (Select Tests/Start/Stop/Clear/Filter/...). Only the "group by ..." tab is at the bottom.

I have the TestInsight Explorer on one half of my secondary monitor and I turn different Test/Fixtures on/off many times during a day, also toggling between tabs. This change would save (at least me) a lot of mouse-meters every day. What do others think? Would this change make sense to you as well?

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  1. Stefan Glienke repo owner

    What about changing it like the test explorer in VS? It cycles through the different options (currently TI would have 2 of them - Class/Fixture and Outcome/Type).


    That way I could also get rid of the ugly tab component being used which does not automatically work well with the new dark theme.

  2. Lübbe Onken reporter

    Yes, that's a good idea. And please add a magnifying glass to the search bar too. I tend to forget that I can search for test cases, because right now it's just empty space ;)

  3. Stefan Glienke repo owner

    I was considering adding hint text to the edit because it auto filters and thus does not need a button (the magnifying glass in VS is a button)

  4. Lübbe Onken reporter

    Very nice indeed. It's quick and only my muscle memory from 1.1.5 which makes me move the mouse down often, hasn't adapted yet. Sometimes I feel that the icon should change its state too, but the different appearance of the tree should be enough indication what the user is looking at.

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