IDE freeze on double click a test method

Issue #79 resolved
Peter Sonderegger created an issue

When I double click a test my IDE freeze (hourglass forever). It should navigate the code editor to the test case. My DUnit test environment is "special" - see Attachement

Content of my Attachement (project structure):

  • System

System\Metromec.System.pas // "productive" code (+ other units) System\MetromecSystem.dpk // Package (see TIwithRTPacks.groupproj)

  • TestFramework // Testframework (extens DUnit)

TestFramework\DUnitExtensions TestFramework\Metromec.System.TestUtility.Application.pas TestFramework\Metromec.System.TestUtility.pas // extended TestSuite class TestFramework\MetromecTestUtility.dpk // Testframework Package) TestFramework\TestInsight // 'your' sources

  • System_Test

System_Test\Metromec.System.Test.Math.pas // TestCases System_Test\TestSystem.dpr // Testproject (with Runtimepackages) System_Test\TestSystemNoPackages.dpr // Testproject (without Runtimepackages - use standalone) -->

  • TIwithRTPacks.groupproj // project group (using runtime packages)

Systeminformation: Delphi 10.0 Seattle (Update 1) (Plugins: DDevExtensions v2.83 and TestInsight 1.1.2) Windows 7 x64

P.S. Thanks for the VERY usful plugin.

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  1. Stefan Glienke repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Thanks for your report and the project to reproduce this.

    FWIW I was not able to get this behavior until I changed the Metromec.System.TestUtility.TTestCase.GetName method to just call inherited (otherwise the mechanism of TI to recognize the method did not work because you added the ClassName to it). Edit: That was not causing it but having the TestSystem project active and not one of the packages.

    Will investigate further.

  2. Peter Sonderegger reporter

    When and where will be a corrected version available? Currently only the version 1.1.3 (April 2016) is available.

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