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TestInsight is a unit testing IDE Plugin for Delphi. It supports all versions from XE and higher.

What does it do?

TestInsight integrates unit testing into the Delphi IDE

  • no need to run your tests externally anymore - you can see the results inside the IDE
  • run tests from the code editor and navigate to the failing code from the results overview
  • continuously runs your tests bringing test-driven development in Delphi to the next level!

Following frameworks are supported:

  • DUnit
  • DUnit2
  • DUnitX

How do I get started?

Download the setup and install it. After installation, you can access TestInsight in the IDE by selecting View->TestInsight Explorer.

In order to make TestInsight work with your project, it needs to have the TESTINSIGHT compiler directive defined in the project. You can do that quickly with the context menu in the project manager.

In your project, you need to add "TestInsight.<framework>" for the framework you are using to the uses. To make it run just call the RunRegisteredTests routine or manually register the Listener/Logger to your test framework.

The very basic test project would then look like this:


program MyTests;

  MyTestCase in 'MyTestCase.pas';


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For more information please refer to the FAQ.