YaRSS2 no longer sorting downloaded files

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I have upgraded to Win11 which brought problems with plugins not working. I fixed that with updating to 2.1.5. version of the plugin but now refuses to sort downloaded anime based on the seasons and year.

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  1. Gort Crimso

    Did you install the official version of YaRSS2? This does not have any sorting functionality, unfortunately. Only the one from from https://www.shanaproject.com/help/client/ does. I tried updating the official one with the old changes (and updates for Python 3.8) but apparently something changed in the underlying library so the folder info is not handed over. I’m not familiar enough with Python to fix this. You may also want to have a look at https://bitbucket.org/shanaproject/shana-project/issues/165/deluge-2-is-using-python3-so-yarss2-isnt

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