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[original issue by: samatronexcel]

Once an episode is downloaded, it cannot be downloaded again with RSS feeds. It is not possible to reset the episodes downloaded status to allow it to appear in the RSS feed again.

Steps to Reproduce: Download an episode with RSS. Try to download the episode again with RSS.

Additional Information: I added a follow to my RSS feed. The download got messed up in uTorrent, my fault. I then deleted the downloads from uTorrent so that I could restart them but then since the episodes had been marked as downloaded on ShanaProject, they no longer appeared in my uTorrent RSS feed.

I tried to reset the downloaded status of those episodes by deleting the follows but no matter what I did, I could not manage to get the episodes to reappear in my RSS feed.

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  1. Shana Project reporter

    [original comment by: samatronexcel]

    It appears that it is possible to search the follow that has been setup with the user set filters, then there is a 'Send to RSS' button which can be pressed for each episode.

    This work around is effective, but it still might be nice to be able to reset the downloaded designation for episodes.

    P.S. FYI, I'm the creator of this issue. I had to make this account so that I could add this note. Thanks for creating this great service!

  2. Shana Project reporter

    As you said in your note - the workaround is to use the "send to RSS" button to force a copy into your RSS. This can be done from any page that lists the torrents (including the all follows page - )

    How would you want such a feature implemented? A tickbox on the add follow page to "de-add all files to RSS" or something?

    Sorry for the late response; and glad you appreciate the service =)

  3. dgw

    A checkbox to "Mark all matching releases as unread" or something like that would work. I don't think either of us came up with the best wording, though. UI work is hard. ;-)

  4. Shana Project reporter

    The issue is I don't really understand the use-case. Under what circumstances does a user want to re-download a file they already have downloaded? The obvious case of "accidentally deleted a file" or "something went wrong" etc is easily remedied with the "send to RSS" button. Beyond that (sending multiple files) it really depends on why people are needing to do it...

  5. Stephen

    Maybe I can offer a little help with the use case here.

    I have recently contributed to bug report #47 (Error - Bad Response). This error is affecting every torrent I try to feed to my torrent client. Today I decided to follow a series that has already aired 20 episodes. As a consequence I now have an entire series that I will need to add back into my RSS feed once issue 47 is resolved.

    It's not a huge problem to click 20 to 24 times to add them all back in but it would be nice to be able to click once on a well filtered search to re add them all back in.

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