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What is javaFMI?

JavaFMI is a set of components to work with the Functional Mock-up Interface FMI.

FMI defines a standardized interface to be used in computer simulations. It was formerly developed by the MODELISAR project and now it is maintained by the Modelica Association Project.

The unit of work of the FMI standard is called Functional Mock-up Unit FMU. An FMU is a combination of an xml model description file and a compiled shared library. The JavaFMI project addresses two main goals:

Important information

  • Since 2.26.1, the serialization library has been changed (check dependencies section for more information)
  • Since 2.26.2 (builder and framework in 2.6.1), the deployment system has been changed. Report an issue in case you find something wrong, thanks.


javaFMI is licensed under the LGPL v3, the LGPL guarantees that this library will stay open source, protecting your work.


the fmu-wrapper uses:

  • jna - Licenced under LGPL v2.1 or later
  • simple-xml - Licensed under Apache Licence v2.0 (until 2.26.0)
  • simple-xml-safe - Licensed under Apache Licence v2.0 (since 2.26.1)

The fmu-builder and framework uses:


All the stable releases are available here


  • José Juan Hernández-Cabrera (SIANI. University of Las Palmas. SPAIN)
  • José Évora-Gómez (SIANI. University of Las Palmas. SPAIN)
  • Octavio Roncal-Andrés (SIANI. University of Las Palmas. SPAIN)


  • Enrique Kremers (EIFER. GERMANY)
  • Swann Gasnier (EIFER. GERMANY)
  • Virginie Galtier (CentraleSupélec campus de Metz. FRANCE)
  • Jean-Philippe Tavella (EDF Lab, Paris-Saclay. FRANCE)
  • Mathieu Caujolle (EDF Lab, Paris-Saclay. FRANCE)

Getting help

This project is in a continuous improvement state. if you have a question, a problem, some feedback, or suggestions for javaFMI, please let us know through our Issue Tracker

What is done?

  • FMU Builder, export Java applications as FMUs
  • FMI V2 Co-Simulation
  • FMI V2RC2 Co-Simulation (deprecated)
  • FMI V2RC1 Co-Simulation (deprecated)
  • FMI v1.0 Co-Simulation (bug fixing)

This software has been funded by EIFER - European Institute for Energy Research