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Bitbucket FTP deployment PHP script

This script is for deploying Git code via FTP automatically on each commit.

Step 1: set your credentials

You just need to set your Bitbucket username and password (so the script has access to private repositories) in

Step 2: tell Bitbucket where the script is

For each repository that you want to deploy automatically, go into the settings, services and add POST as your service. Enter the URL where the deploy.php is available.

Step 3: tell the script your ftp logins

Open and modify the array structure.

  • for each project you need to enter the git_slug which you can see in the URL of Bitbucket.
  • for each project you can add lots of branches and use other ftp credentials for each

Bugs / things to improve

  • seperate the configuration into
  • on a commit of a new branch, only the changed files will be deployed. An option to redeploy a whole repository would be cool
  • an easy way for extending the ftp types would be cool. Currently, you can modify the switch cases in the function get_branch_ftp_data of to e.g. use the type 'company_beta' and use the same ftp credentials for each and just vary the ftp path in the Needs improvement.