SerializedScriptableObject requires RecompileEditors in order to show upon restart

Issue #171 resolved
James Tiller created an issue

Hey there,

I have a SerializedScriptableObject with two fields and a button that fills them like so:

public MyAssetType : SerializedScriptableObject {
     public string ID;
     public Dictionary<int, GameObject>();
     [Button] void Import() { /* Does Importy Things */ }

Everything works fine for whatever session I'm operating in, but if I close Unity and then reopen, the Inspector panel is completely blank.

Everything is serialized properly, and the current working solution is to just open the Odin Prefs and recompile the editors. However, this is kind of a hassle and annoying to remember every time I open Unity.

This is similar to #169: No odin inspector with SerializedScriptableObject, except the solution listed there does not work.

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  1. Tor Esa Vestergaard

    Hi James!

    Starting next patch, we're switching over to a new approach of making Unity draw Odin in the inspector; an approach that circumvents the need for generating editors at all, and also has the added benefit of getting rid of the extra compilation time whenever editors have to be regenerated. This change would, of course, resolve this issue.

    This patch is currently in the testing phase, and we're starting to send out builds to people to verify its stability and test all the new features it includes before we release it on the asset store. If you'd like to try out the new patch and let us know how it goes, you can send me a mail at with your Odin invoice number - I'll send you a mail with the new patch within a few days at most.

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