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Issue #6479 invalid

Cannot link to documents in a wiki not in a recognized format (BB-7665)

Rob Vesse
created an issue

I've run into a bug using the wiki where I am unable to make a link to a file that exists but is not in a supported format.

This page at https://bitbucket.org/dotnetrdf/dotnetrdf/wiki/DeveloperGuide/Architecture/Design contains a link to a https://bitbucket.org/dotnetrdf/dotnetrdf/wiki/DeveloperGuide/Architecture/Design/dotNetRDF%200.4.1.docx which is a MS Word document stored in the wiki repository.

Whether I include/exclude the file extension BitBucket will report that the file does not exist rather than providing a download for the file.

I explicitly want to store these documents in my wiki because they are documentation and not code files and since my wiki is a repository anyway I should be able to do this.

Comments (5)

  1. Rob Vesse reporter

    This is pretty essential for me, I have various Excel and Powerpoint documents that form part of the documentation so I want to store them in the wiki and be able to link to them

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