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Either give us Markdown live-preview (issue not even touched or assigned for past two years) or an ability to edit and delete all the comments!

Current implementation results in unbelievable mess and is not acceptable!

Without Markdown live-preview, have to do a real-save (and we're ending with another auto-generated comment about edit made) even if we change one letter in a text. This runs into an unbelievable mess. Comments added to issues become nearly useless, because there are "lost" among sometimes hundreds of auto-generated ones!

I can't count how many issues were only partially solved by me, because I missed something important, added in a comment, because this comment was surrounded by many useless, not-editable, not-removable, auto-generated comments, added after each edit to main issue text, after changing a milestone, component, priority, kind, assignee etc.

I know and understand, that you're treating BitBucket like an orphan child (because it is free for most users) and you're focusing all your powers on JIRA. But... for God sake, how do you want us to consider buying paid version of BitBucket, if demo (free version) lacks key, fundamental features for years?

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  1. Michael Frauenholtz staff

    Hi Tomasz,

    I have to say I'm not sure what you're asking for here. I see you've linked to another issue you logged about deleting issue metadata comments, which is fine. And you've also linked to an issue about markdown previews for source code. I'm not sure how that is related to issues, as we do provide previews for markdown content in our issues.

    The rest of the description seems to mention the same concerns as the linked issues, so I'm closing this as invalid. Please let me know if you meant anything different.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Dear Michael! You did the right thing, by closing this issue as invalid. Unfortunately I had a bit too much % in my blood system, when writing this issue. Very sorry for that! :]

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