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Sitecore Automation Project is place where I would like to develop Powershell modules used for automating tasks connected with Sitecore Experience Platform.

Quick Start

Step 1 Get and install Sitecore-Automate is distributed as the PowerShell Gallery module sitecore-automation. In PowerShell 5.0 or with PowerShellGet you can install it by this command:


Install-Module Sitecore-Automation  
ℹ If command Install-Module not exist in your installation, go to the PowerShell Gallery and update your installation.

Step 2: In a PowerShell command prompt import the module:


Import-Module Sitecore-Automation  

Sitecore Environment

A few simple functions to processing a Sitecore enable/disable spreadsheet. Setup Sitecore Environment

Sitecore Sites

Functions to automate a tasks base on Site Definition. Sitecore Sites

Sitecore Config

Functions to automate changes in web.config and Sitecore configuration files. Sitecore Config

Sitecore Tests

A simple way to check if all Sitecore sites are up and running after deployment.


$webPath = "B:\Sitecore 8.2 rev. 160729\Website\App_Config\Include"
$sitecoreHosts = Get-SitecoreSites -Path $webPath | Select-Object -ExpandProperty hostName

foreach( $sitecoreHost in $sitecoreHosts )
    Test-WebResponse "http://$sitecoreHost" -Verbose