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SBOS Accelerators is a set of enhancements for Sitecore DMS consisting of five accelerators that solve some of the most typical needs that marketers have.


  1. Personalization Tracker
  2. Actual Conversions Report
  3. Historical Conditional Renderings
  4. Campaign Tracking on Aliases
  5. Measurement Types for MV Testing
  6. Relevant Content Detect


  • SBOS Accelerators 1.2 supports Sitecore 6.6, 7.0 and 7.1
  • SBOS Accelerators 2.0 supports only Sitecore 7.2 (SPEAK version of Personalization Tracker)
  • Relevant Content Detection 1.0 supports Sitecore 6.6, 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2

Sitecore 7.5+ is not supported

SBOS Accelerators module does not support Sitecore 7.5+ as the analytics API changed drastically and SBOS needs complete re-implementation from the scratch.

If you do need to make this project compatible with 7.5+ please welcome to fork and implement. Technical information about some concepts is available in readme document. Feel free to use Issues section of the repository to get some help from authors or community.

1. SBOS Accelerator: Personalization Tracker (PT)

Personalization Tracker allows a Marketer to get an insight of views and clicks of a personalized spot, this can also be seen in relation to contributed Engagement Value or by selecting a specific goal. It comes with a dedicated application that provides information of different personalized spots per page. For instance:

  • How many times a spot has been shown?
  • How many times a user has clicked the spot?
  • What Engagement value the spot has contributed per view/per click?
  • What specific goals (selected by user) the spot has contributed per view/per click.

Note in combination with this module we recommend to test personalized pages with non-personalized pages, to understand if the personalized spots are more effective than the default.

Note for Version 2.0 you may want to disable Sitecore.SbosAccelerators.Mvc.config file if you are not using Sitecore MVC in your solution.

2. SBOS Accelerator: Actual Conversions Report (ACR)

Actual Conversions Report shows detailed info about all tests (A/B or Multivariate) in the specific Sitecore instance. The report is accessible in Engagement Analytics application within the Test Lab folder or by selecting the test definition item in Marketing Center application and open the report from the ribbon.

Besides showing Engagement Value contributed by each test variant, Actual Conversions Report gives insights to which specific goals were triggered for the different test variants; this could be used to compare which goals were triggered for each test variant.

Note we recommend to always compare this to Engagement Value contributed.

The provided report allows a Marketer to see:

  • Number of experiments for each test per browser and per device;
  • Engagement Value contributed per each variant in the test, grouped by component or by combination;
  • Number of visits for each variant of the test.

Note the report does not support Random or Round-robin strategies.

3. SBOS Accelerator: Historical Conditional Renderings (HCR)

The Historical Conditional Renderings module provides the ability to use personalization based on historical data. It expands the standard set of the conditional renderings and includes several personalization rules that are stored into the Historical section.

4. SBOS Accelerator: Campaign Tracking on Aliases (CTA)

Campaign Tracking on Aliases allows a Marketer to assign Campaigns, Goals and Page Events onto Alias items so that they will be tracked when the appropriate alias is requested by a visitor.

5. SBOS Accelerator: Measurement Types for MV Testing (MTMVT)

Measurement Types for MV Testing module extends default Sitecore CMS dialog for setting up multivariate/split testing. It allows a Marketer to select one of three available measurement types:

  • Engagement value (default; is used by default Sitecore DMS without this module);
  • Specific goal conversions (the selected goal is used to measure conversions);
  • Click-through rate (allows a Marketer to measure CTR of the components).

After the test has been running for a while and some data has been collected by Sitecore DMS, a Marketer can view the measured results in reports provided by Actual Conversions Report module. The report is accessible from either Page Editor or Content Editor.

6. SBOS Accelerator: Relevant Content Detection (RCD)

Relevant Content Detection allows to move profile-based personalization from content item's presentation (via profile card rules) to the data source items for reuse and centralization.

Find details in the attached Relevant Content Detection.pdf file.