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Sitecore Support Toolbox

Support Toolbox is a set of independent pages written by Customer Service for typical troubleshooting operations as an addition to /sitecore/admin pages. We highly recommend reviewing code before using these features as they were not deeply tested and may not be the examples of best practices, but just pieces of very simple troubleshooting code.

The code is stored inside the <script runat="server"> … </script> tags in each file – it can and should be changed to match specific case's needs. It is supposed to work in all Sitecore 6.x versions.


  • Export Item - creates a package with the item, required custom templates, presentation logic, aliases etc.

  • Security Tools - creates a user, change user's password or log in to specific user with or without inputting a password.

  • Item Generator - generates item tree of desired depth, items on each level, versions in specific languages, dynamic item names and field values.

  • Media Generator - generates desired amount of media items of desired file size (file is plain binary file full of zeros).

  • Native Search - Searching text within Sitecore databases using plain SQL queries and full-text content search in the file system. It is good for verifying lucene indexes state, looking for references and dependencies etc.

  • Lucene Search - Allows searching within specific lucene indexes with more parameters than Sitecore Client provides.

  • Rebuild Indexes - A page that shows all configured lucene indexes and allows rebuilding them separately.

  • Jobs - Shows background jobs that are queued, running and completed.

  • Profile - Shows current user's profile values.

  • SQL Shell - Perform plain SQL queries against one of Sitecore databases.

  • Showconfig - The same thing as /sitecore/admin/showconfig.aspx but forces file download instead of showing it on the page.


Earlier version of the module had emergency login feature that was removed in this version to protect you and your customers from dangerous situation when Support Toolbox pages were deployed to production and weren't restricted for public access to /toolbox folder leaving your solution opened for everyone who knows about /toolbox. If you need to enable this feature, you can edit the sitecore\admin\Toolbox\security-tools.aspx file by commenting out the if (!_isLogged) CheckSecurity(true); line and then request this page in browser.

Quick Start

To get started just unpack the Website/sitecore folder into your website folder from the provided Support distributive – there shouldn't be any conflicts. Then just open the /sitecore/admin URL in browser - you must be logged in as Sitecore administrator or have a developer role, so you might be redirected to login page if you are not logged in.


It is not supported by Sitecore Customer Service as regular Sitecore products (unless support engineer asked you to use some page from this toolset), so please report all issues and wishes in the public issues tracker page.