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Solder Fume Extractor

Fume extractors are common practice in many workplaces nowadays. The DIY sector is lagging behind. Why continue exposing yourself to hazardous fumes during your soldering work? Although most soldering tin is lead-free(so you won't go crazy) nowadays, it contains generous amounts of soldering flux. Inhaling the fumes of burned flux can cause nosebleeds, respiratory problems, asthma, irritation of the eyes, sore throat and even permanent lung damage. Here is the solution for DIY people.



This repo contains my openscad designs for a DIY fume extractor. A fume extractor is a device that sucks op soldering fumes to prevent inhaling of those fumes. This particular model is designed to be 3D printed. The two parts can be screwed directly to a 120mm pc case fan. The requiresments are:

  • 1x these parts
  • 1x 120mm case fan
  • 6x fan screws
  • 1x 120mm x 120mm x 0.25" active carbon filter
  • 1x 12V power source

finished rendering

printed parts


  • octogonal "ring" with a overhaning rim to keep the filter in place
  • font and back support pieces to prevent falling over
  • hexagonal grid that prevents the filter from being caught in the fan
  • screw holes that match the screw holes on a scandard 120mm fan
  • cavity to allow screw heads to "sink" into the surface

The files

The repo contains the following files:

  • fumefilter.*: the assembled parts including the fan and the filter.
  • fumefilter-frontpart.*: part for printing that goes on the front.
  • fumefilter-backpart.*: part for printing that goes on the back.
  • screwholes.*: helper functions to create screwholes. Standalone it renders a test piece.
  • corners.scad: helper functions to create rounded ractangles.
  • fan.stl and fan2.stl: 120mm fans to see the assembled end result in the rendering.
  • testpiece*.scad: a small piece that contains some of the difficult to print structures to test if the 3d printer handles them correctly.

old/depricated/beta files:

  • fumefilter80mm.scad: the 80mm variant
  • firstattempt.scad: an old version of the fumefilter