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snakeyaml / Migration to Git

The Bitbucket team announced that they will be removing Mercurial support from Bitbucket.

We have migrated the repos from hg to git:

  • the source repo should be completely identical
  • the source has been also pushed to Github
  • issues have been copied (via export-import)
  • wiki has been copied (without history)
  • pull requests have not been copied

The process:

  • Create a repository (snakeyaml-git)
  • Add path to project's hgrc "bit ="
  • Add to ~/.hgrc

hgext.bookmarks =
hggit =
  • Convert and push

hg bookmark -r default master
hg push bit
  • Export and import issues
  • Copy wiki
  • Make the hg repo private and rename it
  • Make the git repo public and rename it