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This is the official documentation page for the phpmailer mod for OpenCart.


This mod replaces the send function of the mail class with a wrapper for phpmailer.

New in V2

  • Added setReadReceipt method to allow setting an email address to send read receipts to.
  • Reworked the vqmod file so that it works with all versions of opencart and should handle new versions as well.
  • Changed character set to UTF-8 to fix problems with Cyrillic text.
  • Changed attachment function to work properly.


This mod requires vqmod.

Vqmod can be downloaded from

Install Instructions

To install upload all files from the upload folder to the root of your opencart install.


To use with google mail use the following settings

Mail Protocol: SMTP
SMTP Host:
SMTP Username: your full gmail address
SMTP Password: your gmail password
SMTP Port: 587

When using SMTP it uses TLS for port 587 and SSL for port 465

mail protocol setting of mail uses php mail() function.

to add a read receipt in the code use $mail->setReadReceipt('');

If you need to remove the mod simply delete the system/library/phpmailer folder and the vqmod/xml/PHPMailer.xml file.


If you have any problems or find any bugs please report an issue on the Issue Tracker

If you are a developer feel free to submit pull requests.