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This mod requires VQMOD to be installed.

You can find vqmod at

Install Instructions

  1. First upload all files from the upload folder to where your opencart is installed. It should not overwrite any files.
  2. Next log into admin goto system->users->user groups and edit the group you want to be able to configure the module. (usually top adminstrator) make sure that module/order_tracking is checked in both the access and modify permissions boxes, and click save.
  3. Goto extensions->modules and click install next to Order Tracking. This step is important even if you are not going to use the box module as it creates the database talbes needed for the rest of the tracking to work.
  4. Click edit next to order tracking.
  5. If you have seo urls turned on and your store is in a subdirectory like then check the checkmark at the top. Otherwise leave it unchecked.
  6. Click add module and fill out the information to add the module to various pages wherever you want it.


Tracking URL's for USPS, UPS, FEDEX and DHL are included. You can add tracking URL for any other company you want as long as you know what the url is supposed to be. Simply goto sales->shippers and click insert then put the name of the shipper and enter the url substituting %s for the tracking number. For example


To enter a tracking number for an order.

  • View the order in admin.
  • Click on the Order History tab.
  • Click Notify Customer checkbox (this emails the customer and adds it to the order history on the customer side)
  • Choose the shipper.
  • Enter the tracking number.
  • Add comment if desired.
  • Click add history.