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virusbattle-sdk / Troubleshooting Guide

Here are some common installation and use problems, and how to address them. Please contact us if the problem you are experiencing is not discussed here.


Python module 'requests' or 'json' are not installed.

If you are looking at this issue, it''s likely you are relatively new to Python. First, please accept our thanks for trying virusbattle-sdk, and for your patience in going through the installation process.

  • For Ubuntu users, here is a quick recipe to install the packages

    % sudo apt-get install python_setuptools
    % sudo easy-install requests
    % sudo easy_install json

    If you do not have "sudo" access, you can do local (to your account) install as well. Please send us a note, and we'll try to help.

Here is a link that gives various options to install 'requests' package: