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0.4 Squirrel / FAQs

Module FAQs

I see this module, but where is 0.4?

0.4 has not been released yet, but the list of functions available has. Beta testers will be able to use this module to test Squirrel scripting while regular players who are capable of C++ programming can use it to learn how a module works and is created.

Why don't my R2 scripts work entirely in 0.4?

Because of some differences between 0.4 and 0.3z R2, some scripting functions could not be re-added. For example, player.IsAdmin would not be true if a player is connected to RCON because RCON does not even exist in 0.4.

Also, some functions from R2 were simply forgotten while rewriting VC:MP to create 0.4, and so some functions might not exist now, but might exist again in the future. Because this isn't a final version of VC:MP, things can still change pretty quickly, so don't get comfortable just yet.

How do I use my server.conf?

There is a 0.4 ConfLoader module that interprets and loads server.conf files to help make transitioning to 0.4 as painless as possible.

There is a bug, where do I report that?

I have a feature request, where can I post it?

Please leave bugs and feature requests in the bugtracker.

Who made this module?

The 0.4 Squirrel module was written by Stormeus, with guidance from VRocker to achieve backwards-compatibility and guidance from maxorator to take full advantage of the module API.