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Headers for JSON files

There are four .json files associated with the Mint ingest, corresponding to 'Parties_Groups_Swin.csv', 'Parties_People_Swin.csv', 'Activities_Swin.csv', and 'Services_Swin.csv'.

Comments aren't officially supported in JSON (e.g. /* and //) so I have included a header README file. For more information about this check out one of the many discussion forums

Example, header for: 'Parties_Groups_Swin.json'

 Directory: /opt/mint/home/harvest/Parties_Groups_Swin.json 
 Original code written by Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation (QCIF)
 Current Version: v1.6 Released: 2nd April 2013
 ReDBox-Mint repository:

 Modified by Arna Karick for Swinburne University of Technology - updated July 2013

 This is the configuration file for the 'Parties-Groups' (Swinburne research groups/faculties) harvest;
  - ingests the 'Parties_Groups_Swin.csv' file generated by 'mint_extract.php'
  - modified to include additonal fields from the .csv (Homepage, email, phone)