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The first and most important advantage of using vpn is changing the geographical location. Using vpn makes your connection to the internet from another place and your location is not known. This makes it possible to access websites that are blocked in some countries using vpn. Enhanced Security: If you purchase a VPN (خرید vpn برای اندروید) and when you connect to the VPN, your data and information will be encrypted, and this will prevent hackers from accessing your information. Remote control: The advantage of using VPN in a company means that the manager can access the company's information remotely or even from home, for this reason, using VPN can improve the efficiency of a company. greatly increase the company. Online anonymity: If you want your address to remain completely hidden in cyberspace, you can reach this goal by purchasing a VPN (خرید vpn) and using it. Compared to using IP changing software, the advantage of VPN is that you can completely leave no trace of yourself on the Internet and be completely safe. Share files: Using a VPN can help you a lot when sharing files. If you have a group and need to share your files for a long time, you can benefit from it. Unblock websites: VPNs are very useful for passing through filtering sites or so-called unlocking and bypassing filtering. Therefore, buying a VPN (خرید فیلترشکن) and using it in countries that have such restrictions is more common. Change IP address: If you need to change your IP address to another country, you can easily do this by purchasing a VPN (خرید فیلترشکن پرسرعت) and change your IP to Change the desired country. Disadvantages of VPNs Lower speed and higher cost: The first problem with using VPNs is that their costs will be higher compared to connecting directly to ISPs. Of course, some VPN providers use free and open source versions for this. But it should be kept in mind that these types of software significantly reduce the speed of connecting to the Internet and the process of processing information, and your speed is definitely higher if you have purchased a VPN (خرید vpn ارزان). It should also be kept in mind that many free software that provide such services may abuse your device.

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