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Tassel 5 Source / Import Eclipse Project

How to Use the Eclipse IDE to Import TASSEL 5


  • As of May 2017, the current version of Eclipse was Eclipse Neon.
  • Go to and download the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. At this time you do not need the Java EE version.
  • You will be asked to designate a default workspace when you set up Eclipse.

Creating a TASSEL project

  • Create a folder to hold your local git repositories. This will be referred to as "<path to>/git/". This should be separate from the Eclipse default workspace.
  • Choose Import... from the Eclipse File menu. This will bring up the Import dialog.


  • Choose "Projects from Git" then click "Next"
  • On the next screen, choose "Clone URL", then click "Next" to open the "Import Projects from Git" dialog.


  • Enter the URL for TASSEL 5:
  • User and password can be left blank.
  • Click Next to open the "Branch Selection" dialog.


  • Select the master branch
  • Leave any other branches unselected unless you know that you will be needing them.
  • Click Next to open the "Local Destination" dialog.


  • Enter or browse to the destination. In this example, it should be "<path to>/git/tassel-5-source".
  • Click Next to open the "Select a Wizard" dialog.


  • At this point, you will need to wait a minute or so while Eclipse imports objects from the git repository.
  • Once the import process finishes, leave the "Import Using the New Project Wizard" checked and click "Finished".
  • In the next dialog, select "Java Project" from the Java folder then click Next.


  • In the next dialog, uncheck "Use default location" then browse to the "<path to>/git/tassel-5-source" folder that you chose in the "Local Destination" dialog. If you leave "Use default location" location checked the wizard will not find the project that you imported and will create an empty project, which would make you sad.


  • Click Next to go to the "Java Settings" dialog. This will allow you to make changes to the build path. You should not need to change anything at this point.
  • Click Finish.

Important points

  • Do not click Finish too early. Always click Next unless it is grayed out.
  • Do not accept the default location for the new Java project. That is the place where you tell Eclipse the location where you just cloned the git project. I know it was just a short while ago, but for some reason Eclipse always forgets what you just did.

Import TASSEL Test Repository

  • The Test repository can be imported using the URL:

* As a final step, sTASSEL.jar and sTasselTest.jar should be removed from the build path configuration in the library tab and tassel-5-source should be added in the project tab.