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Terramenta / Building

Note about World Wind dependencies

Terramenta references World Wind dependencies from our own local(internal) maven repository.
If you attempt to build the src you will either need to do a local maven install of these dependencies,
or reference them as system scope.

Most modern IDE's will allow you to do local dependency installs,
but placing them directly into your .m2 directory will work just as well.
See Maven: Installing 3rd party jars for guidance.

Example w/ System Scope
Terramenta pom.xml:

You can download the World Wind dependencies directly from their site:
World Wind Java SDK 2.0.

Note about the JavaFX runtime dependencies

The easiest way to get JavaFX (in Java 7) to play nice with the classpath is to copy “{jdk_dir}\jre\lib\jfxrt.jar” into “{jdk_dir}\jre\lib\ext”.

This silly Java 7 fix is not needed in Java 8.