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Welcome to Terramenta

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So what is it?

Utilizing NASA World Wind and the NetBeans Platform,Terramenta is an open source baseline for GIS applications.

"As I developed several different World Wind based applications I noticed that they were all starting out the same... Terramenta was born so that I could focus on the creation of the components that really truly matter and not have to waste valuable development time recreating the software baseline each and every time. With Terramenta, one can just create NetBeans plugin modules to introduce new windows and features required by their different missions and projects." -Chris Heidt, Founding Developer


Our mission is to create the community desktop-based globe and map for visualizing dynamic data. We strive to develop software for top performance, visual quality, platform support, and ease of use.


Terramenta is free for both commercial and non-commercial use and is dual-licensed under both\ the CDDL 1.0 & GPL 3 for broad community reach.

Get Started

This is our wiki homepage. Ask questions or discuss Terramenta features on the forum.

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